2018 – A Macro Investment Outlook.

The first Oliver's Insights article for 2018. The key points are as follows: 2018 is likely to remain good for diversified investors. The investment cycle still favours growth assets over cash and bonds, but expect more volatile and constrained returns as US inflation...

Shares and Trump Bump

The latest update from Dr Shane Oliver (dated 23/05/2017) provides a positive outlook on the world's share markets and allays a few "fake news stories" around the presidency of Donald Trump: Shares and Trump bump - OI #15 2017

21 Great Investment Quotes

I have attached a link to the latest Oliver’s Insights for your reference. This Article focuses on 21 Great Investment Quotes and gives a summary of each of them.  My favourites are as follows: “Cash combined with courage in a time of crisis is priceless.” Warren...